To be able to come to the conclusion there is no life after death, every single one of the varied types of evidence supporting life after death would have to be disproved - merely giving possible alternative explanations is not sufficient.  Otherwise, for someone not accepting the evidence for life after death, the only logical conclusion has to be that it is unknown whether or not there is life after death.

To come to the belief that there is likely no life after death, one would have to accept ALL of the following:

1) NDEs and/or OBEs do not actually occur and are just part of the brain's chemistry.

2) Jesus Christ, Mohammed, etc. were all frauds (or were given fraudulent information by someone or something eg. alien beings).

3) Ghosts, poltergeists, angels, and spirits are not what they appear to be and instead all have some other rational explanation(s).

4) No medium has communicated with the dead and all mediums are fraud artists.

5) There is some other explanation for the evidence for reincarnation (past life regressions and claims of previous lives lived).

In addition. the following would probably have to be true; though if it were there still could be life after death, though less likely:

Life started on its own by random chance and evolved to that of the complexity of human beings.  The ability for organisms to sustain themselves by biochemical means and reproduce were also chance events.  Further, consciousness also evolved through random mutation as did emotions such as love, hate, and jealousy.

The most likely possibility is that a Creator made the universe and created life on earth.  Initially, there were not advanced enough souls so that only the most simple forms of life were present.  As these primitive souls advanced through reincarnation, more advanced life forms were continually created until there was man.  Souls incarnate on earth in order to progress spiritually.  The Creator could have created souls from the start to be what they ultimately should be (unless this is an impossibility), but may have wanted them to become more perfect on their own free will (possibly because otherwise there would be no 'growth' in the total spiritual 'value' of the universal consciousness).

In my evaluation I am of the view that it is unlikely that life originated and evolved on its own through random chance (it was likely 'directed' to do so by a Creator).  Even so, there is very strong diverse evidence for life after death (NDEs, spirits, communications with the dead, etc.).  Though I encourage everyone to  make there own conclusions or leanings, whilst trying to be objective and unbiased as possible, the more I investigate this, the closer I come to the conclusion that we have a soul that survives physical death.

For us, life after death is the greatest mystery of all, and in the end, the only one that matters.



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Harinder S. Sandhu
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