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  Opening Statement

  I.    Philosophical

  II.   Scientific - Origin of the Universe, Order in the Universe, Limitations, Origin of Life, Consciousness, Other, Evolution

  III.  Paranormal - General, Near Death Experience, Entities, Reincarnation, Communications With The Dead, Other

  IV. Religious

  V.  Additional Comments - General, Life After Death Top 11, Probability of Life After Death

  Final Thoughts

  Further Reading (to be added)

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In this website, an attempt has been made to provide analysis and ideas that may not be readily found elsewhere whilst at the same time trying to present the most significant and diverse evidence that is known about this subject in an objective manner while taking a scientific rational approach as best I can without bringing faith into the equation.

It is assumed that the reader has a reasonable knowledge of the topics discussed - this site may be of better value to the less informed reader after they have familiarized themselves on the various relevant areas using other resources.  For this reason an introduction to most of these topics including a general one for the site are not provided.  In no way is it the objective of this site to be the only source needed for the study of life after death.  There are many areas, though touched upon here, which are well addressed elsewhere (for example, near death experiences, reincarnation, religious teachings, and in fact, every other subject matter covered on this site).  This website is meant to be a supplement to the existing information out there.  

This is such an abstract topic for which the possibilities are hard to fathom and the answers may never be fully known to the satisfaction of all on this earth (at least while we are physically here in our present forms).  The various evidence types on their own seem to be incomplete, inconsistent, and even ambiguous and contradictory.  This makes their evaluation and interpretation all the more challenging and difficult.  I thought the best way for the reader to try to determine if there is an afterlife would be to put all the varied evidence for it (and against it)  'on the table' for them to evaluate for themselves.  And I am only guiding the reader by presenting the information with analysis but my intention is not to try to convince anyone of anything (though at times it might appear otherwise).  Thus, this is an investigation into what may or may not be based upon looking at the various evidence types and trying to rationalize their plausibility and also trying to roughly quantify the probability each are true as well as the probability of survival of consciousness after physical death (and the reader can follow along to an extent and do the same with their own evaluations).  This is what I have attempted to do here on this website and material is added from time to time (once or twice a year for major additions and updates).  

One or two of the ideas presented may seem far-fetched but, nevertheless, they need to be put forward for the benefit of the evaluation of this subject.  I apologize for the incomplete status of the "Further Reading" section.  The reader may also wish to visit sites recommended in the "Web Links".  It is my hope that this website will be of benefit to you in your personal evaluation of this, the most important subject.

Text which is marked by diamond shaped bullets of this colour   and the "Probability of Life After Death" section is some of my own possibly unique ideas and thoughts which may not be readily presented elsewhere.  It has been differentiated for the benefit of the more advanced reader who may wish to skim over the regular text to focus on this highlighted text.



There is nothing more important to us as living beings than that we have something we can describe as a soul that continues to exist after physical death and is everlasting.  For without this, it is all for naught and  there was no point in existing at all for ultimately it does not matter if we live for a year or a trillion years if we do not have immortality.  And in fact not having such would really be the ultimate cruelty.


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